What makes our brand different and special?

We believe it is our passion, distinctive aesthetic, technical expertise and lifelong love of rugs.


We created Fame Rugs and doing what we love – making distinctive products in small, considered batches with attention to every detail. We have expanded from rugs, adding home decor items, and lights to our collection. Creativity is at the heart of what we do, we are always thinking about new designs we can offer to our customers from our signature point of view.

Bringing new life to an old craft.

At Fame, we're serving a community of designers, decorators, and homebodies; people who care deeply about objects acquired for their home—from the materials we source to the textures we develop.

Unique Aesthetic

For over 5 years, we have been diligently working on our designs, and expressing our creativity through signature designs that convey our unique aesthetic. We believe in creating products that are deeply personal, have a distinct point of view and allow our customers to confidently express who they are inside. Nothing makes us more proud than to see so many of our customers choose FR for their living room, a special event and even their wedding day.

75% Female Team

At Fame Rugs, we are a majority female team. We design the rugs and home decor items we want to have them in our homes. We understand our customer’s needs because we are our customers – women leading busy lives who want to invest in high quality products. We design products that are meant to be loved and used for years to come.

Sustainable Future

Reducing Waste

We’re currently working towards using sustainable packaging. We now use environmentally friendly, socially responsible recycled paper in our packaging. Additionally, we have goals to transport more goods by ocean rather than air, which reduces carbon emissions by over 80%.

Supporting Workers

We believe in the importance of making a positive impact on the people, the environment and the communities across our supply chain. This is made possible through valued partnerships with family owned factories and artisan collectives that share our commitment to cherishing craft, ensuring fair compensation and protecting workers’ health and safety.

Responsibly Sourcing Materials

We use raw materials that have minimal impact on the environment. We reuse and recycle wherever possible.