Pick the Perfect Rug for your Dorm Room

Pick the Perfect Rug for your Dorm Room

 Living on your own for the first time is so exciting. But figuring out how to make the best experience out of it can be daunting and a bit stressful. One way to relieve some of that stress is to create a comfortable yet charming place to make it look like home. Luckily, we brought you the most effective pieces of advice to help you through making even the most uninviting room cozy and welcoming, whether you’re going to a new place or just doing a makeover to your already existing dorm room, we got your back! 

Look up your dorm floor plan 

 As a college student, you should pay more attention to the size of your room as it is considered multi-purpose. The first thing to bear in mind when choosing a rug size is to size up your space online. Although your space will be depending on your living area, most students would rather go for 5’ x 8’, 4’ x 6’, 6’ x 9’, or 3’ x 5’ dorm room rugs.

5’ x 8’ dorm rugs

 This is the most chosen size among students. This size rug will likely cover most of the area you are likely to walk on, without reaching under the bed. The other reason why most students go for this size is related to how cheap they are when compared to their larger counterparts usually found in homes. 

4’ x 6’ dorm rugs

 These are mostly rugs used for covering one’s individual area. Sometimes you want to decorate your space with your own style, without having to step out to your roommate’s space. a 4’ x 6’ rug would be perfect for you if you have a similar case. 

6’ x 9’ dorm rugs

 If you are looking for a rug that will cover almost all of your floor space, then you can consider adding a 6’ x 9’ rug to your room. They are typically large enough to extend under the beds. 

3’ x 5’ dorm rugs

 3’ x 5’ rugs are a perfect option for small areas. They can be used either beside the bed or inside the bathroom’s free area, as well as under furniture. 

Bring in your colored style 

 Those who have lived in dorms, know exactly how dull dorms are. It’s so rare to find a well-designed dorm with stylish touches. It’s usually a concrete wall, white paint, and tile floor. It looks just like a white drawing that needs to be colored. So, it’s up to you to reflect your own style in your dorm room. Some changes in décor, new lighting, and a rug can do the trick. While doing so, don’t forget to accentuate your style with the colors you want to show off in your room. 

 There are two ways to introduce that colorful breeze to your room by using rugs. Rugs take a good space from your room’s overall view, so you may think of giving more space to another décor to pop up. In this case, you can choose a rug that has neutral colors and simpler patterns. On the other hand, dorms are temporary homes where you will most likely not fill them with many interesting decoration pieces or furniture. So, the main décor you can add to your room here is your rug. Go loud in the colors you are choosing, as well as for the patterns. Distressed traditional patterns can be a good option to make the rug the centerpiece of your design. 

Keep it comfy 

 Rugs are the first thing our feet touch in the morning. So, you may want to consider making your rug not only look great but also feel great. You wouldn’t want to wake up and get out of a warm and cozy blanket to step onto a cold hard tile floor. 

 Laying a rug or two is the easiest yet more effective way to keep your room warm and cozy, and avoid hitting a cold icy floor. Be sure to choose the right type of rug that is going to give you the cozy vibe you want to see in your room. Consider picking rugs with longer fibers to make your toes and feet feel relaxed and at ease while walking. High-pile, plush, and shag rugs are great options to go for. 

Keep it clean 

 When living in the dorm, that limited area you have consisting of 4 walls is all your home. This means that all of the activities you do in a home will be all happening in the same place, and all that traffic means more dirt for your rug to handle and hold on to. You need to pay more attention to how you are going to clean your rug before running for other details.  

 As we said before, the type of rug is a very important criterion to consider while buying your rug. High-pile rugs tend to hang on to dirt more than low-pile rugs do. They also require a higher-power vacuum to be cleaned. However, for low-pile rugs, just a stick vacuum or an electric broom can do the work for you. If you can’t afford to buy a vacuum but still want to take a shag rug for your room, consider buying a small one that can be easily cleaned by shaking it outside when dirty. 

Take it easy on your pocket

 When buying a new rug, besides the style, color, and type, we usually go for the rug that we can afford in the end. As a student, you may use this rug for a maximum of a few years or months. And by the time you graduate and make your own home, your taste will most likely change. So, you may want to go for lower-cost rugs that will satisfy your current style, and make you feel more comfortable to change anytime you want. Take a look at famerugs.com for thousands of rugs in every shape, style, and size you want. You can do all the ordering online. Take advantage of our discount coupons and the free worldwide shipping right to your feet. Keep it simple, classy, and comfy!

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