How to Pick the Right Rug to Match with Your Hardwood Floors

How to Pick the Right Rug to Match with Your Hardwood Floors

 We all agree that all hardwood floors are charming, fancy, and perfect at adding a luster effect to any home. Although some people may see covering them up as an injustice, it’s just the opposite. Rugs and carpets add even more glamour, relaxation, and identity to the atmosphere. All you have to do is find the perfect cover for your hardwood floor. How to do that? Keep reading the article to find your ideal design.


Why lay a rug over hardwood floors?

 Let’s be honest: We are all going to lay a carpet rather than keep the floors uncovered. BUT! Underneath this, lays a ton of benefits of laying a rug over your wood floors.

Rugs give warmth and relief. Let’s put it this way: imagine yourself walking over a cozy rug, and how would that softness makes you feel. Now imagine yourself walking on a bald woody floor. It may be fine surely — but a rug would feel pretty good. Besides that, carpets would always be a preferable choice for families with kids, as it will keep them safer, especially for the crawling kids, and give them a more comfortable space.

Rugs just swallow the sound. Carpets (because of the soft materials they are made of) usually help absorb the echo effect sounds have inside houses. So, if your home has that disturbing echo, you most probably need to roll that rug out!

Rugs keep your floors safe. Would you want to see your beautiful hardwood floors damaged or crashed? Probably NOT! Our daily usage of heavy furniture, or any other heavy material, can cause us, if we are not careful, to damage permanently our floors. Carpets can reduce the chances of any harm can be caused by hard materials. Bumpers are also a good idea to protect your floor when put under the furniture that rests directly on the floor.

Rugs hide the damage. It’s a bummer to move to a new house and finds already damaged floors, or one of your pets’ sharp nails battering your hardwood floor surface. A full-floor renovation may cost you an arm and leg. That’s why covering up this kind of flaw is easier when using a carpet instead.


Regular Tips for Matching Your Rug with Your Floor

 After listing some of the main reasons for rolling out a carpet on your hardwood floors, it’s time for showing you exactly how to pick your perfect style. One of the perks of having hardwood floors in your home is the blank particularity their canvas has — so there is a wide range of rug choices you will have to choose from and still make a brilliant output. All things considered, we have here a few guidelines to help you through your rug choosing adventure. Here we go!

The wood grain color is so important. Some woods have a variety of colors within. They can differ in terms of tones. So here, you need to pay a little more attention to those colors to choose the right rug that will match nicely with your hardwood floor. For example, if your floors have a bit of yellow in the grain, you can try a carpet that has a wink of the yellow shade as well.

Rug size is crucial. Many interior designers across the world advise on choosing the right size for your carpet to smoothly fit in the space. But when it comes to picking a carpet for hardwood floors, you may want to think of something else too: make certain you are not covering a lot. For sure, as we all know, most hardwood floors are beautifully designed, and if yours have one of those special details, you may want to show them off. It’s ok to pick a small size rug to show those beautiful details your floors have.

Contrast. Some consider their rug as the heart furniture piece of their house. If this is your case, and you want to show it off as such, you can play on the contrast regulations of your rug with your hardwood floors. It looks so captivating when the rug is taking the center stage. We’ll give some color suggestions and ideas for different wood shades in the coming sections — stick around.

Or keep it basic! On the flip side, you are allowed to use a rug that combines with your hardwood floors. This is mostly the case when you have a piece of art, that you want to point out. This is a smart way to put that piece under the spotlight.


Top Rugs for Light Hardwood Floors:

 As we have already indicated before, hardwood floors are mainly made of void canvas —and almost all carpets will look smooth put on top! Having said that, here are some lovely ideas for you to wonderfully style your rug over light hardwood floors.

Blue rugs. Usually, both light and dark shades of blue rugs match elegantly and give a great contrast to light hardwood floors. That’s essential because light woods have, most of the time, a wide range of yellow and gold colors, and blue is located on the opposite side of those shades.

Black and white rugs. Black and white give an astonishing contrast against light woods and are considered a good choice for those who love neutral or bohemian style.

Carpets are made of jute and natural fiber. This style is made for those of us who like blending in more. Laying jute carpets on top of light hardwood floors adds more warmth and smoothness to the atmosphere while always keeping the neutral look.


Top Rugs for Dark Hardwood Floors:

Traditional rugs. Old houses built with the traditional design used to have dark hardwood floors. So, vintage-inspired rugs as well as classic rugs can be a perfect choice to match the darkness of the floors. Bold red or flaming orange shades are a nice choice to give that classic beauty.

Nature-adjacent tints. These are colors inspired by nature. Browns, blues, and greens are the ideal match for dark woods. It gives the wood that earthy effect and adds more intensity to the rich darkness of the hardwood floors.

Creams and grays. These two colors are considered to be light. This will help in including different patterns that will stand against the dark side of the hardwood floors, boosting the neutral warmth while still adding a charming effect to the overall design of the room.

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