How to Use Vintage Rugs for Your Home Decoration

How to Use Vintage Rugs for Your Home Decoration

 Most of us love rolling out a vintage rug in our home area, no matter what style we are opting for. A bohemian style? Vintage rugs add more texture and even accentuate the boho vibe around the space. A modern room? Laying a vintage-style rug will bring contrast to your modern space. They are mostly a wonderful way to go for many people because of their traditional mid-century-inspired design patterns, as they bring more charm and coziness to the room. Keep scrolling down to learn some tips for decorating your home with vintage rugs. You’ll love it, we promise! 

They go along with any look

 If you are more of a boho style lover, and you mostly find yourself looking for those classic pieces for your decoration, vintage rugs will be a great option for you to add more historic charm. Maybe you are someone who is all about clean lines and hues. They got you too. Or, maybe you are in between all of these. No matter what your tendencies are, vintage rugs will always do the trick for you. 

Vintage rugs match any room.

 Whenever we think of vintage rugs, the first thing that pops into our minds is a huge rug laid in a living room or a dining room. What we don’t know is that vintage rugs can match pretty much any room you want to make special. They can be a lovely choice for bathrooms and kitchens if you are thinking of warming them up with some vintage-inspired patterns. 

More style to kids’ rooms

 We usually choose play rugs for our kids’ rooms, to feed their ambitious souls and make their activities more fun. But kids grow up, and this means you need to keep updating your rugs according to their ages and needs. Rolling out a vintage rug into your kids’ room will make their space feel warmer. They add a sense of elegance and style to the room, which makes it in return flow very well with the rest of the home’s vibe. It will also save the effort of swapping in a new rug to fit their grown-up tastes later.

Vintage rugs can be softly subtle

 With the lowest hint of texture and pattern, vintage rugs are option number one to create your own neutral space with layers and character. Their wide range of soft colors and hues helps you to make up your mind way too easily, and it makes us fall in love with them more and more.

…As they can be daring too! 

 As we mentioned, vintage rugs come in a wide range of soft colors, for a soft and a lighter take on the trend. Just as much as light colors there are, they also come in a wide range of bold colors, to feed our fiery daring souls. Burnt orange, hot red, navy blue, emerald green… and more. All of these colors are at your disposal for a super-saturated look in any of your rooms.  

Vintage style never gets old 

 The vintage style itself is hundreds of years old, as it’s based on traditional historic designs. However, interior designers are using vintage rugs to the moment, knowing they always pair greatly with any new style there is. Vintage rugs will never be outdated even after years from now, thanks to the vintage traditional vibe they are always carrying. 

Perfect match for your hardwood floors. 

 Hardwood floors with vintage rugs? Bam! A perfect classic combination for a warmer and softer atmosphere for your home. Besides the traditional charm vintage rugs add to your floors, they also help in protecting them from any scratching that may happen. 

Vintage rugs are washable too!

 Vintage rugs have many perks as we mentioned earlier, and we love to roll them out anywhere inside our homes. When we say anywhere, it can be bathrooms, kitchens, hallways… Busy places! That’s why we would love our lovely rugs to be easy to clean. That’s why we have a huge collection of washable rugs that are vintage! Feel free to choose the vintage rug with the pattern and design that you like, and the rest is easy. Roll it up, put it in the washer, hang dry it, roll it back out, and here you are!

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