Reasons to GO for Red Rugs

Reasons to GO for Red Rugs

 Have you ever thought of rolling out a red rug in your space ever? Or thought of it, but were too worried or not sure about it. Well well well, you came to the right place. In this article, we will show you 7 reasons why you have to say YES to red rugs from now so on. Fasten the belts, here we go!

Red Rugs are Always in Style for your Classic Space

 If you are thinking of making your space look more traditional and classic, but still keep it in style, then red rugs are your way to go. They are a great choice for adding a fiery classic tendency to your atmosphere. It had always been the number one option for designers for centuries. In simple terms: Red rugs will never let you down. 

They match a wide range of other hues 

 Here is an extra reason for you to love red rugs as much as we do: They will not limit you from having a great set of options of other colors to introduce to your furniture. As an example: you can pick one of our faded red rugs from our Turkish or Moroccan collections and add the cobalt or denim blue couch to your room. The blue color will make the color tones of your rug display more. You can especially try any other color from the jewel-toned color palette, and you will see how beautifully they play off each other. 

They enrich your bohemian styled space way too good

 What makes red different from other colors is how charming, rich, satisfying, and self-characterized it feels. It brings great energy to any of your boho-style spaces. Our Rava Turkish Runner can be a great addition to show off your textured playful boho space, as well as to add more warmth and style to your atmosphere. 

Red rugs bring an instinctive desert flair to the room

 If you are looking to add that sunset breeze to your room and give it that warm southwest-inspired look, then you know the answer: red rugs will do the trick. Try pairing a rug with a style like our Sina Southwestern Kilim Rug with rustic woody furniture, brown or leather accents, and some cacti plants to give that exact desert vibe. 

They enlighten your space more in colors

 If your room is filled with white or light-colored furniture, you can roll out a red rug to shake away the dull atmosphere it may have. Also, laying a red rug in the middle of your neutral space will lead eyes to focus on the style and details of the rug. This will show how artful your room is and how colors are well played around your room.  

Red rugs match smoothly with most kinds of decor

 You can think of red as a multi-functional tool. It has a personality of its own, but what makes it even special is how it changes that personality when met with any kind of décor, to give that smooth transition to your room space. We also suggest you pair your classic red rug with geometric patterns with a striped wall or any other stripped design piece of furniture. 

Your absolute best layering piece

 This may look new to think of, but have you ever tried layering your area rugs? Layering rugs are our favorite way to introduce a multitude of styles and colors all together. You can start with a neutral light-colored rug on the bottom and add a vintage-inspired red style on top. This will make your space more special, charming, and attractive. 

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