Farmhouse Style Rugs: Your New Restyling Design

Farmhouse Style Rugs: Your New Restyling Design

 This pandemic period got us sick of our old-fashioned living places since we had to spend a pretty long time at home. BUT! The good news is that it’s possible to add a living soul to your space with just some small touches. In this article, we are bringing you a new way to brighten your area: Farmhouse style rugs!  

What is Farmhouse Style?

 The farmhouse style has become more famous recently. As it was brought up as a style that combines a rural look, traditional touch, and a vintage spirit with a modern, elegant trace. As Martha Stewart said while describing her f home: ’’I think of it as homey’’. The first crucial criterion for designers nowadays to succeed, is to make homeowners feel at home in their own spaces. And these rugs are helping a lot! Farmhouse style can give you that simple, quiet, and smooth feeling while keeping it classy, and it’s up to you to choose the style and the color that will fit your taste. 

 The farmhouse style is all about practicality, which can be achieved through furniture organization. You can match the farmhouse style with some wood furniture pieces, or by adding some leather hints. This look can also be reinforced by allocating a little space for plants or some antique works of art. Keep your focus on something both homey and functional, which is the main ground for the farmhouse style! 

 If you have seen any of Joanna Gaines's redesigned houses, the farmhouse style focuses mainly on clean lines and sharp colors. To display more of these color tones, you can go for some neutral colors that will bring the rustic style to your home atmosphere. Your wood furniture alongside a farmhouse area rug is also a perfect way to add the country style to your interior environment. Usually, farmhouse rugs go smoothly with whites, greys, light blues, and browns. 

Set the First Impact 

 Choosing a rug for your entrance is crucial, as it resonates throughout your whole home. Also, you have to bear in mind that a rug should be of good quality to deal perfectly with any susceptible high traffic. A small chateau rug for your entrance, or a Chateau runner in case you have a long narrow entryway, are two good options you can opt for. All the same, if you have a large entryway leading to the stairs, a round rug will do you well. 

Divide Your Space with Farmhouse Style Rugs

 Nowadays, we see more floors have open areas that are giving a wide look to the space. Farmhouse rugs can help you stylishly define your home areas. By adding a farmhouse area rug to your living room, you’ll be separating it from other spaces such as the kitchen, or even dividing your living room into two differently styled areas, which will give another charming vibe to your interior design. You can consider adding area rugs of light colors to give a chic look to your space. 

Introduce a Color Accent to Your Space

 Now let’s put it this way: Area rugs are your number one choice to shake the boredom out of your dull room. Instead of going for whole room decoration, you can easily roll out the right rug, and BAM, the room has another colorful spirit. Both our Moroccan collection and the Turkish collection of area rugs have a large scale of colors that will help you choose the right tone you want to brighten your space with. A yellow rug will bring a hint of a sunny environment to your especially white, gray, or black furnished room. However, if you have brown and leather furniture, then a purple or orange rug will do the trick. The brighter your room is, the more you would love to stay at home, as it makes the room appear to be larger. Have your colorful new rug pair perfectly with some pillows to breeze your space. 

Create Your Escape Zone

 What’s more beautiful than having your feet touch a soft rug as first thing in the morning? Or having a good night's sleep in a cozy and warm bedroom? Adding a rug to your bedroom is an easy move to switch from a simple bedroom to a spa-like atmosphere. You can go for extra big rugs to cover the maximum area of your room for more soft space. You can also choose a neutral-toned rug for more coziness together with some blankets and pillows. Going for Jewel-toned rugs will help you smoothly pop more colors into your room's light. 

Open up Your Room

 If you don't want to feel as if you're squeezed into a box while being in your living room, you can opt for a round rug with closed eyes. Placing a round rug in the middle of your room will help take the attention away from the walls in a way that makes the room look larger. Thanks to its circle shape, it can smoothly lead your eyes around the room. Putting a round rug under your dining table will add a special contrast to your kitchen. Check our round rugs for a variety of choices. 

Complementing is the Key

 You should always keep in mind: that whenever you see more than two rugs within your vision, they should complement each other. Complementing can be in terms of color schemes or rug patterns. Rugs that complement each other based on these terms form a great united whole. Don't be afraid to go astray in style for the rugs that are a bit far away from each other.

Custom Your Farmhouse Rug for Your Own Space

 You can try the farmhouse style you want by yourself. Go ahead and start with a charming farmhouse rug from We have thousands of different styles, which will help you find the perfect one for your home. We will be at your service throughout your journey to find your special design of rugs. 

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