Farmhouse Rugs, Design and Décor

Farmhouse Rugs, Design and Décor

 We all spend a lot of time at home these days, and most of us are a little tired of our outdated rooms. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to freshen up your living spaces by making small changes. One of our favorite ways to spice up any room is with farmhouse style rugs!

What is "Farmhouse Style"?

 Farmhouse style homes have become increasingly popular in recent years.  Popularized by Joanna Gaines, farmhouse style homes introduce a rustic look and a touch of chic. This style also includes traditional design with modern touches. As people have become more interested in feeling at home in their spaces, these rugs have played a large role in allowing designers to create comfortable spaces for homeowners. The different styles of farmhouse styles allow people to choose their style and color palette.

 Add a few plants or antique found objects to accentuate the farmhouse style! Always think of farmhouse style furniture as both cozy and practical; farmhouse style is all about reuse and functionality! Consider adding other practical furniture such as an iron bed frame, reclaimed wood furniture, and leather accents to emphasize this aesthetic.

 Farmhouse-style homes have clean lines and sharp colors. You can use bright or neutral colors to accent that sharpness. Try using pastel colors, antique wood, and farmhouse rugs if you have a country feel.

The Right Way to Make a First Impression

 A rug in your entryway could have a huge impact on the mood of your home. You’ll want to select a high-quality rug that will endure heavy foot traffic. Consider adding a small rug or runner to your entryway, and larger ones in other areas like the living room. Rugs can give your space a different feel and are a cost-effective way to add color and visual interest.

 Sometimes a rug can revamp your space just as well as a full remodel. Our vintage-inspired rugs collection comes in bright colors that will lighten up any room. For example, an orange or purple rug would work well with brown furniture or give the illusion of a larger space. This is perfect if you want to make your home feel cozy and inviting.

 Like a rug in the bedroom, personal touches can redefine the space. Bedroom rugs are typically light and cozy, to encourage better sleep. They should be neutral-toned to not clash with other accents in your room. Jewel-toned rugs can add color without dominating the room. Get more done with your space as you decorate and relax.

 Rugs, specifically round ones, can open up a room and create an interesting contrast to the squared-off walls. Adding a rug to your living area can also highlight your dining table, adding more value to the space

Make Your Home Cozier with Farmhouse Style Rugs

 Add an accent corner to your living room with a vintage rugs, an accent chair, and a side table. The 3′x5′ rugs can also create a unique space in a small space by placing the rug diagonally alongside a cute chair.

 All large area rugs in a house should complement each other. It is good to have both rectangular and circular rugs in the same pattern, such as those with the same color scheme. Rugs in rooms far away from each other can also be different if you want.

Find the Perfect Farmhouse Rug for Every Space!

 Ready to find a rug for your farmhouse style? Visit, we have thousands of rugs in hundreds of styles available. You can easily find the best rug for you!
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