How to Pick a Rug for Your Bathroom?

How to Pick a Rug for Your Bathroom?

 When we think about rolling out rugs in our homes, the first thing we think about is finding the best rugs for living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, kitchens, etc. Bathrooms are, most of the time, the last place we think about rolling a rug in, maybe because of how narrow and small they can be. But rolling out a lovely rug in your bathroom will give it an elegant vibe with less effort. You just need to know how to choose the one that will fit best. 

Why lay a rug in the bathroom? 

They give warmth while softening the hard surface. Adding a rug to the hard tile of your bathroom floor will prevent your feet to not catching a cold hard feeling. 

They add character to this practical space. Bathrooms have never been considered more than utilitarian places. And this rarely makes us think of styling them as they look full of tubs, showers, fixtures, etc. But my dear readers, what you don’t know is: a very small touch is enough to turn your bathroom into the most stylish space in your house maybe. Yes! Rolling out a rug.  

They protect against slippage. Rolling out a rug in your bathroom will keep you and your little ones safe to not get hurt while using it.

Top types of rugs for the Bathroom 

Wool rugs. The presence of lanolin makes wool rugs water-resistant and designers’ first go-to because of the luxurious vibe they add to the space. They can be a little expensive, but It’s worth it as they last longer if well taken care of. 

Washable rugs. Bath times can get quite messy and dirty, that’s why you would rather go for a rug that will be easy to clean and save your time and effort. Our collection of washable rugs comes in a variety of materials for you to choose the look that you want to see and feel in your bathroom. Check it out on Fame Rugs.

Synthetic rugs. Their affordability alongside how easy they are to clean makes them a perfect option for your bathroom.

Cotton rugs. Cotton material is a perfect choice for your bathroom rug. Cotton rugs are easy to clean and dry very quickly. All of our bathroom mats are made of 100% of cotton material. 

How to place a rug in your bathroom

 When it comes to rolling out a rug in the bathroom, don’t limit yourself to 5 or 6 designs of bath mats. Runners and other shapes can also be a great idea to style your place. Here are some ideas for you. 

In front of the sink. Show off your sink and mirror with a small 2’x3’ size rug, and if your space is bigger you can go for larger sizes from different shapes.  

Covering all of the space. If your bathroom floor is pretty wide, then a rug whose size is around 4’ x 6’ will fill your space perfectly, without making it look extra! 

Or…Next to the tub. A rug rolled out next to your tub will prevent slippage, and will add a cozy vibe to your bathroom, besides…well… STYLE! You can pick a rug with the design and the shape based on your taste alongside comfort. 

Extra tips for you! 

Be creative. What’s better than bathrooms to let go of your creativity in design? It’s a small place where you can try new patterns and different tones of colors. Go wild and experiment with the new things that you hesitated to try in larger rooms. 

Separate the bathroom. You can use more than one rug in your bathroom to separate spaces and give the impression that the space is larger and more welcoming. You can try one next to the tub and one at the entrance.  Feel free to play with your space! 

Give runners a try. If your bathroom has a narrow shape, and you don’t know how to style the floor with any of the rug shapes you know, then go for a runner! Runners are perfect for narrow areas, they cover them so well, as well as give a nice vibe of a larger room. 

Protect yourself with rug pads. If your bath rugs don’t have a non-slip backing, then you will likely need rug pads for extra protection, to avoid accidents as bathrooms get wet most of the time. You can also try to dry your rug whenever it gets wet after each shower for example. This will protect you and protect your floors if they are water sensitive.
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