Pick the Right Rug for Styling Your Living Room

Pick the Right Rug for Styling Your Living Room

 Living rooms are the heart of the house, as it brings pieces of the inner soul of the people living there. What you choose as furniture, rugs, décor… Reflects your personality and your style. At Fame Rugs, we aim to guide you through your journey to find the rug that suits your best. 

Which rug is best for your living room? 

 When looking for a rug to roll out in your living room, you must be careful about the type of material the rug is made of, as it’s supposed to be of high quality because of the high traffic it may have to deal with. There are many options you can choose from to have a stylish yet solid rug. Wool area rugs can be choice number one for you, especially for a living room, because of their strong resistance to stain and fading, as well as their machine-washable feature that makes them easy to clean. Check our collection of washable rugs for more great options. Thick shag rugs can be your second go-to choice, thanks to their lovely look. But they may not be the best when dealing with a very high traffic area. 

 On the other hand, synthetic rugs may not be a good idea for your living room area, as they are weaker and not strong enough to handle food traffic, which leads to lots of shedding. Sisal and Jute are a beautiful addition to any living room because of the organic charm they give, but they are less used because of their delicate nature. But you can still use them if you like to layer, as they make a great base layer. 

How to choose a rug for your living room?

 Here are some factors you need to take into consideration while choosing a rug for your living room:

Size and shape

 As area rugs come in different sizes: Large, medium, small… You need to pay more attention to the size of the rug you’re choosing, so it will be neither too small nor too big for your living room. In this way, you will not put out other décor pieces’ luster around your room, instead, you will enlighten it more. 8x10 is the standard size for medium living rooms. You just need to make sure your furniture legs should lay comfortably on the rug. Be creative in showing off the style you want in your living room. from round and square rugs to rectangular-shaped rugs, choose the one that will complement the overall shape.  

Patterns and colors

 Colors and patterns play a huge role in showing off the style you want to introduce to your living room. Choose a palette that will pair with the walls and furniture, in a way that will not dominate the whole space, but will fit right in. 

… And textures!

 The rug texture is important as you have to pick the one that will both feel good underfoot and be strongly resistant to dirt, pet fur, and stains. If it’s a busy area, low-pile rugs are a perfect option. If not, then you can pick shag, woolen, or cotton rugs with ease. 

How to use a rug as a decoration for the living room? 

 It’s all about harmony! When rolling out a rug in your living room, you should know how to position it according to your other furniture pieces, in a way that the overall view will make an organized unit. In the summertime, flatweave rugs would be a great option for the hot times. Layering area rugs would be a better option in the winter season to create a cozy and warm atmosphere. 

Can a couch go over a rug?

 In living rooms, according to the way you position your furniture, your rug may come either in front of your couch legs or go under them. It’s all up to your preference. You can go for rug pads to keep your rug well positioned to avoid any sliding of the couch.

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