Find the Right Outdoor Rug for Your Balcony

Find the Right Outdoor Rug for Your Balcony

Spending time outside is great for your mood and mental health. However, if you live in an apartment or condo, your outdoor space might be small. Plain brick, old tiles, and worn concrete aren't very attractive. You can make your balcony look nicer with a beautiful outdoor rug, turning it into a lovely place for relaxing, dining, or working.

 If your balcony looks just like all the others around you, it's a great chance to express yourself and create a personal escape at home. There are many balcony rug styles to choose from, including contemporary, mid-century modern, bohemian, and traditional. These rugs can fit any space, even if you don't stick to a specific theme. For the upcoming spring and summer, trendy options include al fresco styles with warm oranges, turquoise blues, and vibrant yellows, as well as au naturel styles with neutral colors and nature-inspired designs.

 Enhance your space with a stylish outdoor balcony rug, creating a lovely spot to enjoy your view, whether it's a million-dollar vista, the city skyline, or your backyard. You'll be surprised at how refreshing a small space can be!

Find the joy in your Balcony with a Rug!

 Solar lanterns, neon signs, or twinkly Christmas lights can make your apartment’s balcony look great and add some light. If you're using special lighting, pick an outdoor balcony rug that looks good with any type of light. There are many beautiful styles to choose from, so find one you love and set up your space just how you like it!


Neutral Rug styles to Enlarge your Balcony Space

 Neutral rug styles can make your small deck look bigger. Surround it with a row of hydroponic herbs to enjoy a bit of nature, no matter where you are. This way, both you and your plants can soak up the afternoon sun.


A Rug to Make your Balcony your Small Garden at Home


 Checkerboard and striped rugs use classic patterns that highlight the surrounding décor. For instance, the Indoor/Outdoor striped rugs pair perfectly with bold black or even white chairs. Add some tall, potted plants to create privacy in your open-air oasis, hiding the street view and keeping your outdoor spot secluded.


Why not a Runner for Your Balcony?

 Not all apartment verandas or bedroom balconies have space for a square or round rug. Luckily, some outdoor balcony rugs are available as runners. If you have a narrow outdoor area, consider using a Striped Border Braided Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug in the runner size. For a kid-friendly design that lets little ones play safely outside, install a Kid Indoor/Outdoor Rug. It allows them to enjoy the outdoors while avoiding splinters.

 For a rugged space with a rustic design, the Zora Moroccan Striped Indoor/Outdoor Rug can be a great choice. Its bold graphics pair well with wicker furniture, and the stripes add visual interest, creating the illusion of a longer porch or patio.

Balcony Rugs to Create a Haven Year-Round

Our balcony can help you update your space with each season. Consider these creative ideas when refreshing or rearranging your veranda.

Light up the Heat Weaves with Neutral Colors

 The intense summer sun can be oppressive, but a light-colored, art deco rug like the Raha Moroccan Berber Rug can help cool things down. Off-white shades keep the rug from getting too hot while providing a soft texture for bare feet and paws. If you prefer other colors, orange and yellow rugs are also excellent choices. They reflect the sun’s rays and keep the space bright even after sunset.

Enjoy your Fall Season with more Colors

 Depending on where you live, fall may bring vibrant oranges, deep purples, fading yellows, or dark browns. Complement these colors with blues and crisp, angular patterns. The Fayla Turkish Indoor/Outdoor Rug design perfectly suits the autumn season.

Floral Designs for Winter Vibes?

 Who says your décor has to match the landscape? Fight off the winter blues by adding splashes of color with a floral-patterned rug. Place the lively Rosia Indoor/Outdoor Karabagh Floral Rug to uplift your mood and create a lively contrast against the gloomy outdoor backdrop.

Welcome the Spring Season with a New Style!

 Everyone loves a chunky jute rug, but those are best kept indoors! Instead, opt for a natural-fiber-styled rug as a great outdoor alternative. Take, for instance, the Lara Boho Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug, which offers the look of jute with the durability required for outdoor use.


Balcony Rugs Give an Energetic Vibe Your Outdoor Design

 Good things frequently arrive in small sizes, much like an espresso shot that keeps you going until five. Similarly, compact outdoor balcony rugs can breathe new life into your veranda's layout. Here are some revitalizing ideas for balcony rugs to refresh a weary apartment deck.

Bold Rugs: Vibrant hues and strong patterns complement each other, forming the outdoor rug you've always wanted. Get motivated to do some cardio on your balcony with the energetic Reda Turkish Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug.

Animal Rugs: Mother Nature certainly knows how to kick off a party! With outdoor balcony rugs like the Dinosaurs Indoor/Outdoor Kids Rug, you'll never be labeled as dull. Add a vibrant yellow cushion for an extra splash of fun and color.

Oriental Rugs: Take elegance outside with a washable oriental rug that doesn't need to stay indoors. Showcase your traditional style with the Tabri Medallion Washable Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug, built to withstand mud, pet fur, and city smog. Simply toss it in the wash when it needs cleaning!

Modern Rugs: Modern Rugs are a great way to add style and comfort to your balcony. They come in a variety of colors and patterns to fit in any style. It’s a great way to make a bold statement on your balcony. The Gray Modern Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug can be a great addition to your balcony to add the modern touch you’re looking for.


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