Home Office Ideas for All Sizes

Home Office Ideas for All Sizes


 Whether you have a dedicated office or a desk in your bedroom, it's important to design a work-from-home setup that is practical and attractive without being obtrusive. Here are some of our best home office ideas to help you create an inspiring space where you can focus and be productive.


Create a small library


 Not every space includes beautiful built-ins, but you can easily create your own! Install floating shelves above your desk or add slim DIY bookshelves around your workspace. This solution adds storage to your home office without taking up much floor space, and it gives you extra room to display your favorite books, artwork, and décor.

How about the walls?


 Corporate offices might be known for their dull decor, but your home office doesn't have to be the same. Paint a feature wall or the entire room in a color that makes you happy, apply peel-and-stick or traditional wallpaper, hang some eye-catching artwork, or take on a DIY shiplap wall project if you're feeling creative. A pleasant view can significantly boost your mood and provide a lovely background for all your Zoom calls.


Style it with a rug

Another downside of typical offices is the bland, low-pile carpeting and flooring that makes the space feel sterile and uninviting. One of our favorite home office tips is to add a rug to inject some personality into this often utilitarian space. A smaller rug, around 4’ x 6’, under your desk can help define your workspace within a larger room. Plus, a rug will protect your floors from scuff marks caused by moving around in your desk chair.


Add some coziness

It’s your home, make your office as cozy and comfortable as you like. Toss a blanket over your chair for when it gets chilly, add a decorative pillow for comfort and back support, or place a pouf under your desk to use as a footrest. Be as much creative as you like and add your own vibe to your workplace.


Bring life to your office with a plant!

 Nothing revitalizes a space quite like plants, and adding some greenery can greatly enhance the fresh, calming ambiance of your home office. Consider placing a tall tree in an empty corner, a medium-sized potted plant beside your desk, or a small plant in the corner of your workspace. Concerned about forgetting to water them? Simply set a recurring reminder in your work calendar to help you remember.


Organization is the key!

 File folders, pencil cups, and trays are essential for keeping a home office organized, but why not take it a step further and utilize wall space as well? Pinboards, hanging organizers, and wall calendars are perfect for freeing up space if your desk is small.


Choose the right light condition

 Proper lighting is crucial for looking your best during work-from-home video calls, but it also significantly enhances your mood and productivity. If possible, place your desk near a window to take advantage of natural light. If that's not an option, incorporate multiple light sources. Consider a desk lamp or task lighting, a floor lamp for a dim corner, or a simple chandelier or flush mount to provide additional overhead illumination.

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