How to Choose the Best Entryway Rug?

How to Choose the Best Entryway Rug?

 Entryways are so much important as they are the first area we come across while entering any house. They are considered to be the first impression of your home, and the way you style them will set the tone for the rest of the space. Rolling out a rug on the entrance floors will nicely help add the vibes that you want to see around the place. In this article, we are sharing a few tips that will help you pick the best rug to create a warm welcome in your home. 

Why roll a rug out in the entryway?

You may be wondering why would we even think of rolling out a rug at the entrance of the home. Stay still! Here is why!

Entryways are the first impression of your home. Your entrance is the first area your guests see. What is going to be more beautiful and welcoming than rolling out a pretty rug?

Rugs are good protection for your floors. Rugs help in keeping your floors in a good condition, and entries are known to be more crowded and get lots of foot traffic many times of the day.

Rugs help in reducing the mess in the rest of the house. Laying a rug at the entrance will help block the dirt brought by shoes to pass on to the other rooms of the house. The material the rug is made of should be strong enough to catch the dust from shoes. For extra protection, you can use a doormat at your doorstep too.

How to pick the right size for your entryway rug?

Determine the exact size. The first step you should start with when thinking of buying a rug for your entryway is to measure the exact size of the area. It will help you avoid unnecessary inconveniences later. Here is a good tip for you to follow when it comes to finding the perfect size for your entryway: choose the rug that will be placed at least 20 centimeters away from the wall on all sides. The more space you cover, the larger your area will appear.

Consider your beautiful hardwood floors. If your entry floors are too pretty to be covered, then you may want to go for smaller rugs or round ones. Bigger rugs help cover the space you are not a fan of, or, as we already mentioned, serve to protect more space of your tile.

Narrow or small entries. If your entryway is narrow or maybe too small. No worries. 2’x3’ or 3’x5’ size rugs and runners can go well for both. This may look like something unusual but trust us, it gives more warming vibes to these areas.

Large entries. If you have a larger entryway, then you can choose between 4’x6’ size or bigger, and round rugs. Usually, rolling out different shapes of rugs add a unique style to your space.

Best place for a rug in the Entryway

 Choosing the right place for your rug in the entry is so important for adding that elegant vibe you are looking for in your space.

Place it in the center of your entrance. Try to place your rug in the center next to the door instead of putting it directly on the front side. This will give your overall entry space a beautiful harmonic look.

Pay attention to the hurdles. Especially while opening the door, be careful to not let it mess up with your rug position or the texture. You would also want to consider the other architectural details of your floors to avoid covering them up.

Use rug pads. The entryway is a busy area of the home, it’s more susceptible to being exposed to high foot traffic. That’s why you may want to make your rug fixed to avoid any slippage or unwanted accidents. It’s also an effective way to protect your rug and make it last longer.

Top materials for Entryway rugs

Wool rugs. The presence of lanolin makes wool rugs water-resistant and designers’ first go-to because of the luxurious vibe they add to the space. They can be a little expensive, but It’s worth it as they last longer if well taken care of.

Washable rugs. Your busy entryway can get quite messy and dirty during the day, that’s why you would rather go for a rug that will be easy to clean to save your time and effort. Our collection of washable rugs comes in a variety of materials for you to choose the look that you want to see and feel under your feet. Check it out on 

Synthetic rugs. Their affordability alongside how easy they are to clean makes them a perfect option for your entry.

Cotton rugs. Cotton material is a perfect choice for an entry rug. Cotton rugs are easy to clean and dry very quickly, alongside being durable and solid.

Flatweave rugs. They have low pile height which makes them a great option for such a busy area. Unlike shag rugs, they don’t trap dirt and allergens easily.

…What about colors and patterns?

 As we mentioned earlier, entryways are one of the busiest areas of any home. This means there is going to be lots of dirt and stains. With that being said, it would be better to pick colors and patterns that will not expose the dirt more. We suggest you choose bold colors with busy patterns that will disguise all kinds of stains.

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