What’s the Best Rug for Your Kitchen?

What’s the Best Rug for Your Kitchen?

 The idea of rolling a rug in the kitchen has become so common in today’s design world. People use rugs for their kitchens not only to protect their floors from spills and so on, but also to style the space and give it a lusty vibe. In this article, we will show you the what, the why, and the how of rolling a rug in your kitchen. Keep scrolling down!  

Why do you need to roll a rug out in your kitchen?

 Kitchens are often considered the center of the house. Either for cooking or eating with family, it’s a place where we spend quite a long time in. With that being said, rolling a rug became a sine qua non for the kitchen. Why?  

Provide protection. Rugs protect your kitchen floor against spills and dirt.

Add softness. Rolling a rug on your kitchen floor adds extra softness underfoot and prevents you from hitting the hard floor. 

Complement your décor. Kitchen rugs come in a variety of styles including different colors, patterns, designs, and textures. You can add any of the styles that you love to see complementing your whole kitchen décor. 

Widen the space. For narrow kitchens, rolling out a rug will help make the space look wider. 

Separate spaces. Adding a rug to your kitchen floors helps define each space of it. Using two rugs in your open kitchen will help you separate your dining area from the rest of the kitchen. 

Add warmth. Rolling out a rug over a cold floor helps provide warmth and coziness underfoot while working in the kitchen. 

How to position a rug in the kitchen?  

 To make your kitchen sound more practical and pretty at the same time, you need to know where your rug will fit best to have that vibe you are looking for. Usually, as we are working in the kitchen, we want to feel that comfort and warmth underfoot, and the best place to roll your rug in for this purpose is in front of the sink. If you have a larger kitchen with an island, you can put the rug between the island and the wall. For narrow kitchens, runner rugs would be the ideal choice as they will give the impression of a wider space. You can also think of rolling out a rug underneath your dining table to separate it from the rest of the open kitchen area. 

Things to consider when buying new rugs for your kitchen 

Check for the right material

 Kitchens are known for being one of the most high-traffic areas of the house. When choosing a rug to roll out in such an area, you should consider the wear and tear it will deal with. Try to go for a super durable material, besides being resistant to stain and water, and most of all EASY to clean. 

 You may consider going for polypropylene or PET materials. They are excellent at being water and stain-resistant, ultra-durable, and non-flammable. This type of material will make your rug super easy to clean without worrying about which product to use. Natural fibers can be another great option for you. Just keep in mind that wool material would be perfect for rugs placed in front of the sink as it’s easy to clean and last longer. Sisal and jute materials are more suitable for rugs placed under the dining table, because of their soft organic texture. 

Consider the type of weave

 When choosing a rug for your kitchen, you would rather go for a low-pile type of weave to make your rug resist dirt more and last longer. Flatweaves are considered to be a perfect choice for this purpose. They have bacteria resistance and their colors don’t wash out easily. If you are looking for extra warmth and comfort, then try to go for rugs with a thick pile. 

Think of using rug pads 

 If the rug you took for your kitchen doesn’t have a non-slip backing, consider placing a rug pad underneath to prevent any slips and falls. It’s important to wander around your kitchen in full security as it can easily get wet and messy.   

Think about your kitchen décor

 Rugs are perfect for giving a stylish vibe to your kitchen if chosen carefully. Most of us buy the rug as the last piece of art to complement the room décor. That’s why one thing you shouldn’t forget about when ordering your new rug is: your already existing décor. Pick a rug with patterns and colors that will go perfectly with your paint walls, kitchen style, and furniture color.  For instance, if your kitchen has more neutral colors, you may want to introduce some bold, multi-color touch to the space. Or you may want to introduce a rug with colors that already exist in your kitchen to create a cohesive harmonized vibe. 

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