Social Compliance

 At Fame Rugs, we believe in the importance of making a positive impact on the people, the environment, and the communities across our supply chain. This is made possible through valued partnerships with factories and artisan collectives that share our commitment to cherishing craft, ensuring fair compensation, and protecting workers’ health and safety.

 We aim to enable our company and its suppliers to honor their responsibility to human rights and environmental preservation by helping them build and maintain their management systems and internal controls to sustain these initiatives.

 We recognize that our suppliers are operating in different countries of origin and are performing at different levels of economic development; regardless of these variances, mutual trust and transparent communication are integral functions within these systems and are earned through our resolve to build and nurture our relationships.

 With these standards informing our actions, Fame Rugs seeks to behave with integrity in all areas to support our brand longevity.

Our compliance policy is captured as follows

  • Respect Workers

    We work to always be in observance of human rights and labor laws regarding the environment, health, and safety in all countries in which we operate while banning both child labor and forced labor.

  • Respect Environment

    Our business partners are required to comply with all applicable environmental laws, rules, and regulations at their facilities and in the communities in which they operate, especially in relation to water, energy, hazardous chemicals, air quality, and waste.

  • Respect Design

    Design and creativity are at the heart of all we do and are what moves us forward; it is integral to driving sustainable solutions. We celebrate global workforce inclusivity and the preservation of cultural traditions around the world.

🎀 Together, we support women community leaders working to create a thriving, safe and healthy future for all women and families.