Colorful Rugs for a Colorful Atmosphere in Your Home

Colorful Rugs for a Colorful Atmosphere in Your Home

 Colorful rugs are beautiful as well as bold and brave. They may be a bit tricky as their boldness can feel overwhelming and too much maybe for the room you are using it for. But don’t worry, we got you here! Daring to roll a colorful rug is not something only designers with years of experience can do, it’s something that can be done by everyone who knows the right tips and tricks. Keep scrolling down to be one of them. 

Think of the colors

 Here are some tips on how to choose the colors for your colorful rug:

Find the linking color. Take a look at the colors existing in the space of your room, then start with rugs that have at least one of those colors. This will help you to connect the colors of your space in a cohesive way. 

Bring in pops of color.  You can re-introduce the colors of your rug in other furniture pieces, such as pillows or art prints, and so on. Each color has a wide range of shades you can choose from, this will keep all pieces of the room in harmony. Just take it easy and don’t stress about finding the perfect shade, each color variation adds character to your place. 

It’s all about balance

 Balancing the ratio of the colors used in the room is very important in making your space look more cohesive and not tiring the eyes. How? 

Set out bold and bright tones. You don’t want to see only bold colors inside one room, this will make the room all about colors and will shut down the beauty of the patterns and textures used. Going between bright and dark colors in your furniture pieces will make your place less overwhelming and more enjoyable to see.  

Layer the patterns. Mix small and large motifs. The lack of consistency in patterns will give your space a special layered look. 

Infuse some neutrals. Adding a few neutral pieces throughout your space will give a fresh crackle to your colorful rug. This will show your rug more in a soft way. 

Match your rug to a painting wall. Rolling out a rug whose colors pair with the wall painting, will create a cohesive vibe where the rug will feel more connected to the space. It will give the impression of having all pieces of the room were well chosen to give a complete piece of art. 

Include the whole home

 When thinking of coloring one room of your house, you would rather think of other rooms as well. At the end of the day, you don’t want to see one room full of colors and hues, while the rest of the house is neutral. You can try including some hues used in other close rooms to your actual room. You don’t have to match all the colors perfectly, but it would be good to keep it in mind before rolling out your colorful rug. 

How to change a current rug with a new colorful one?

 Let’s say your room is already furnished, but you want to make some changes and swap out your current rug with a new colorful one. Here are a few tips for you that will help in renovating your space for the better. 

Do some research. Before acting, start by doing some small research on the internet to have an idea of what you like and be clear about what’s going to suit you best. 

Go for that one rug. You can start looking for rugs that you believe will fit right with the picture you’ve got in mind about your space. Follow this article’s tips and suggestions, alongside the many options we put at your disposal at, to find the perfect rug with the perfect color that will fit perfectly in your place.

Pro Tip: 

 If you’re nervous about including bold colors in your room all of a sudden and still not sure you will make it, you can start with a small area till you get ready for a big one. A 4’x6’ or 5’x8’ size rug may be a good choice for you to roll out in the bathroom or in an office. It will give you some courage to go for bigger sizes for wider spaces. 

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