Stair Runners: Everything that You Need to Know

 Adding a runner rug to your staircase can be a simple yet efficient move to add a charming style to your home. Rolling out a runner on your stairs will add extra colorful vibes with a collection of special patterns and designs to the atmosphere. But before going through this exciting process, you would want to think of some important key elements to help you have the best results. Keep scrolling down to have an idea about the why, how, and what! 

What is a Stair Runner? 

 A stair runner is a decorative piece of a rug that runs down the staircase while keeping the edge of stairs uncovered. The exposed space of the wood gives a beautiful charming aesthetic vibe to your interior space. Here at, we offer you a wide combination of runner rugs from different styles, designs, and colors. But why would anyone want to install a runner in their staircase in the first place? Don’t go anywhere, keep reading! 

Why install a runner in your staircase? 

Adding coziness and smoothness. Stairs are usually not given as much attention as other rooms of the house when it comes to decoration. But rolling out a stair runner will make this neglected area look more elegant and way too warm.  

Keeping the damage out of sight. If the stairs have some slight scratches that you don’t want to be seen, instead of spending lots of money on cosmetic repairs, you can just cover them up with a beautiful runner rug. A simple yet elegant move!

Keeping it safe. A runner rug in the staircase will keep your little ones safer when taking the stairs and will prevent you from any unnecessary slipping.

Decreasing the noise. A stair runner helps absorb that extra noise of footsteps, as well as the echo coming from the uncovered stairs floors.  

Should you install your stair runner by yourself?  

 Installing a stair runner doesn’t require a lot if you are handy with tools and installation equipment. You can get a few tips from professional videos on the internet, they can help you with the tools you will need and how to pull it off. On the other hand, if you were not sure about handling that toolbox you have, or your stairs were more of a non-linear shape, or maybe you have a thick rug that makes it hard to staple down, then you may think about hiring a pro to install it for you. 

What’s the best type of rug for your staircase?

 When choosing a runner for your staircase, you may need to consider a strong solid rug that will be able to handle all the wear and tear of such a busy place. 

No pile Rugs. Flatwoven rugs made of cotton, wool, sisal, or jute are a great choice for your stair runner as they are considered hardwearing and easy to install. 

Low-Pile rugs. If you want some fluff on your stair runner, you may consider laying a runner whose pile height is less than a quarter of an inch. High-pile rugs are to avoid as they can be hard to install and may even catch on your feet and cause you to fall. 

How to measure your stairs for a runner? 

 For your runner to fit your staircase perfectly, you need to measure them correctly to avoid any unnecessary further problems. Don’t worry, it’s a super easy process. All you have to do is to measure the treads and risers first (Treads are the flat part and risers are the vertical part), then count how many treads and risers your staircase has, multiply these numbers by their measurement, and add them all together. The outcome is how long your runner should be. (Make sure to measure the nose of each step too). You may even need more than one runner to fit the exact size of your staircase. 

Tips and advice for a better look for your stairs

Consider the pattern. When choosing a runner to cover your stairs beautifully, you need to look for a pattern that will feel seamless if you have to add another rug. On the other hand, you can also go for a medallion design pattern which will make it easy for you to see where the first runner ends and the second one begins, which will create a different look for your stairs. 

Consider the overall view. Your stairs may be centered in your home or may be closer to other spaces which are already decorated in a certain way. You need to consider the style of that close area so you can pick the runner that will help create a beautiful harmony inside the house. 

Consider using rug pads. Using rug pads underneath your stair runner are a crucial step to protect both your runner and the stairs, and above all keep you safe from falling.
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